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the cosmian vision

we will introduce now
the ultimate form of government
the meaning of life

so the vision of the cosmos
directly resulting from cosmic reality

for all existing within
serving as a frame

of which they cannot be sovereign from
otherwise they will go insane

are insane

so organize every family or group
in an argumentation > where all each solution
all problems will show up > can

and then everyone who wants it will be >
have the wisdom to > than can
this description of reality
try to improve

so in one
scientifically verifiable framework
so the general logic under this
since we are subject to logic

only the description of reality has the power to saying any thing
be a valid form of argument

and should the following solution from this
can not be improved > then this will stand
as the best of all previous solutions
so like any scientific
research being for a long time
so now the highest

so the science of life
so the highest execution of the philosophy

and should this reality description
go beyond the scope of the group
not only related to the group

then it will go on to the settlement group
so one> so the last of the solution
will go to the settlement group
and there this solution
will be introducing

and if then there the best of the solutions
in the end also exceed that of the settlement
then just going on to the community
the city

the region > people as a whole >
of the continent > of the whole planet
and further to the galactic frame it should
be necessary > what it is within the framework of the concept
yes > like so > since everything we do is within the frame work
of the cosmos > must be >

because this vision of intelligent life
so the highest and therefore most important form of life

in contrast to today > madness making sense ?
so this tyranny of democracy > then since
the computer program > world one < from 1973
of the MIT having already calculated

that this tyranny of the masses of insanity and
capital crime will be ending all civilization

and only the lowly death rule
will be progressive from 2020 onwards

since everything inside is just pure madness
you can only get into a crazy house

if you are this insane
and every sensible one will
be shunned

so the opposite part of the meaning of life
so the vision of the cosmic reality
i.e. the highest cosmic religion
So the highest authority

in this cosmos
so the cosmic vision

in contrary to 
the lowly biological insanity

the sanity vision

dawning life

infinian life

cosmian life

religian life

invincian life

the galactic genesis organization

the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion
the eternity institute

the utopia institute

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galactic central information